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End open primary elections for Republican candidates:

Most states have open primaries, where anyone, of any party can vote in the Republican party’s primaries. I suspect, leftist organizations such as justice Democrats, Socialist and Marxist’s organizations have been gaming the system by voting in the Republican primaries, elevating the weak GOP nominees to face off against the strongest supported Democrat candidate. Even if the GOP wins, we end up with RINO’s, weak willed, milk toast representatives such as Liz Chaney and Mitt Romney. It is time to stop this subterfuge and only primary Constitutional Patriotic candidates who put American’s first, have thick skin, are courageous, with titanium spines. We need strong representatives to turn this tide of socialism and enact the changes necessary to revoke federal (and local) government overreach into our citizens lives and we need to stand boldly, unwaveringly with them.

“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times’. Michael Hopf,

Stop Election machine voting:

The 2020 election has destroyed half the countries faith in fair elections. even if the machines had rock-solid blockchain security built-in, half the country would still not have faith in these machines with the number of disparities in the 2020 election. As faith in our election is the bedrock of our agreed upon representative Republic form of self-governance, we must focus our efforts on republican run states to remove all election machines thereby enshrining the integrity of elections where we can and to push forward into other states as we expand our sphere of influence.

State-level Republican Coalitions:

Patriots need to work together to force our Republican majority states to enter into compacts with each other against the overreaching tyranny of the federal government. Imagine if all republican states signed a compact that all Federal enacted laws that are anti 2nd amendment are to be ignored, rejected, and insolvent amongst the coalition of states? What if all Republican states agreed they would not take in any illegal immigrants until the southern board is closed and the wall is completed? What if Texas and Arizona and other Republican states joined together to fund, complete and man the southern border wall themselves? It is the federal government’s duty to address immigration, but what is happening is not “immigration”, there is no rhyme or reason to the federal response to the southern border, it is a free for all invasion into the states threatening the state’s own sovereignty.

Buycott and Boycott:

The 2020 election showed we have 80 million patriots strong, if we focused our purchasing power to support “Made in America” companies, while denying China our tax dollars, we can, as a coalition of Patriots weaken the CCP financially. We need a central location to identify goods, products and services that are made in America to provide easy access which when purchased help our fellow Patriots, while not funding the bullets and missiles of our global enemies who have been waging unrestricted warfare against our country for two decades. When companies stand against our country’s fundamental beliefs, as individuals we may be weak, but when we focus 80 million+ Patriotic consumers and target our energy against a single/small profile of designated companies, we can put them back into their lane of offering goods and services. For instance, as Patriots we sent a strong message to Disney, Coca-Cola and Delta airlines, imagine if we simply focused our energy as 80 Million purchasers on one single company for a single month? the loss of revenue could be devastating to their bottom line and show them that the power is with their paying customers not their woke marketers misconception. It needs to be a painful lesson to these corporations, that their opinion extends to the end of their product line and NOT into our government or liberties.

This should not take more than a month or two of concentrated effort for most companies. If we successfully boycott-target a specific business to the point where we take out one or two well-known brands, we will have ended the cancel culture.

State-level Republic government self-evaluation:

What if all Republican-run states performed a “Republic self-evaluation” of their policies and interactions with the federal government as to how these align with a representative Republic style of governance? If they find any policies that fall outside of this alignment, reevaluate, and implement new policies. For instance, the “Department of education” is not Constitutional, Education was not given as a power to the federal government, and as such, it belongs solely under the state’s authority. If a State receives 10% of their educational funding from the federal government, but to meet those federal requirements which are attached to those federal dollars costs them 15% of their educations budget, is it worth the federal 10%? Would it not be better for the States to reject the federal dollars, divest themselves of the mandated teachings forced by the federal government’s dollars, and instead re-focus on the core elements of education that are tried, true and provide better outcomes.  Instead, they can provide the state’s children with the best outcomes possible by focusing on targeted, effective, and robust curricula in mathematics, documented history, writing, science, etc. Leave behind the federally pushed Marxist, critical theory, and American hating drivel from the left, Keep the “Imagine if” out of history, and reserve that for the creative writing class where it belongs.

About Us


This sites mission is to provide a central repository of information, guidance, direction, and progress which Patriots can use to focus our efforts to achieve our America First agenda. We welcome input and collaboration with local Patriot organizations across this nation that are mobilizing to push back the tide of socialism, Marxist critical theory and the agenda of anti-America, Anti-free market, anti-Individualism organizations and parties. By joining forces in unity with other likeminded freedom loving Americans, and by using our focused group efforts as a force multiplier we can start to turn the tides in our favor. This sites concept was developed based on suggestions from Trevor Louden, who was providing suggestions very similar to my own thoughts (Though much more eloquently thought out). In listening to the Podcast linked below, I determined one key element required to increase our success was a lens to help focus our patriotic energy. As such I have started out to design a website to help various, far flung organizations across this nation, of all sizes, to align together into an effective patriotic front. This is a work in progress, and I am thinking through various methods to achieve this goal and am opening to hearing suggestions to make this site a central location toward that end.

Link to the conceptual overview that drives this site (An subscription is required to view the video. It is  well worth the cost in my opinion)