About Us

WhitePill.US Is named after the “Pilled” analogy,  “Blue Pill”, “Red Pill”, “Black Pill”, “Clown Pill”, and finally “White Pill”. Welcome to the “White Pill” stage, We welcome you! 

Blue Pill:

A person is in the “blue pill” mode when they choose to remain ignorant in exchange for happiness, “Ignorance is bliss” describes this mode of operation and they simply consume what they are told to believe as facts without ever questioning the statements, information provides or motives.

Red Pill:

Being “Red Pilled” refers to when you realize you are being lied to, misled, and manipulated mostly by the Media at large, and politicians.  Many people started waking up or being “Red-pilled” in 2016 when the Media and the democratic party started to flagrantly lie and mislead the masses about Donald J. Trump, Some people started questioning what they were being told, and once a crack appears in the façade, it is difficult to ignore it going forward. Though some people,  “Cypher” from The Matrix comes to mind, willing choose to go back to sleep and remain willingly ignorant to reality and facts.

Black Pill:

Unfortunately, once you have been “Red Pilled”, the next progression is the “Black Pill”, once you see through the cracks in the façade (and if you’re not a coward like Cypher), you start to question everything you are told, from all parties /sides to validate what the facts really are. This is OVERWHELMING, and exhausting, especially when you see all the lies, propaganda, and deceit being fed to the population. Worse, when you start trying to inform your family and friends, most refuse to listen, bury their heads in the sand, in fact, many get downright angry when their opinions are challenged with facts and evidence (Hey in their defense, It is comfortable in the “Blue Pill” zone, remember ignorance is bliss!). Eventually the “Black Pill” cloud sets in, and you find yourself isolated, depressed, feeling hopeless, and in despair. By this time, you may have lost friends, or family, the worst part is you know your right, after all, you have the data and information to support your opinions, you have spent hours researching and forming your well-informed opinions, and still many people refuse to listen.  If you are in this stage now, I feel your pain, you’re not alone and know that there is hope, you’re coming up to the “Clown pill” stage soon enough.

Clown Pill:

This is the looney stage, where things are literally so insane, it makes you laugh at how ridiculous things have gotten, all the while, everyone around you continues along with their heads in the sand. The Debt is spiraling out of control, Congress votes to weaken election integrity, CRT runs rampant through our public schools, we pay people to stay out of work,  the federal government targets conservatives with the justice department and DOD, etc. it’s like trying to put out a raging forest fire with a garden hose and eventually, you stand back and see how laughable it all is and start laughing at the horrors in our countries downward spiral. Welcome to the “Clown Pill” stage, enjoy it while you can, because hopefully, you will be joining us at the “White Pill” stage shortly.

White Pill:

 Ah, the “White Pill”, when all is said and done, all the rest of the stages are like the stages of grief, they are all important, but the real work to address the problems occurs here in the White Pill stage. Therefore, we chose WHITEPILL.US as our domain, we want everyone who has taken the Red Pill to join us here in the White Pill stage so we can grow as a group of patriots, organize, and tackle our nation’s problems in a targeted way.  Let us face it, most people who have been Red Pilled have day jobs, run a business, have children, and essentially are busy trying to do right by ourselves and our loved ones.  We do not have multiple hours a day to go down and protest mindlessly for a misguided idea with a positive-sounding name. we need efficient,  factual methods to address these issues, and the best way we can do this in my opinion is to join together with likeminded American loving patriots who know that the free market is the best option to help the most people globally, equality of opportunity is the only achievable goal we should strive for every man, woman and child in our country from there their personal effort, natural aptitude, drive and yes a little luck will determine how far they go.  In the White Pill we want to focus our Patriotic purchasing power to BuyCott- Boycott, raise other patriotic “made in America” companies’ products as a priority over Chinese products, and have a central location for far-flung Patriot organizations to coordinate our efforts nationally and take back our country on multiple fronts simultaneously. We need to work on the Federal front, but just as important, we also need to target and be present in every local, county, and state decision to ensure we put forth only Patriotic small government people from the local dog catcher, to Sheriffs, Judges, school boards, town, county, and state officials. When they do not support the people in a Representative Republic manner, get them out!

american flag, american, flag

Just as the Gadsden flag was symbolic and warned tyrannical governments to “Don’t tread on me!”, that saying is anemic if the rattlesnake has no fangs to back up its threat.


Like Benjamin Franklin’s “Join or Die” thirteen segmented states alluded to, we need to band together to take back and restore this nation, together we stand and divided we fall.

Come to WhitePill.us and join with us to plan and coordinate our offensive to take this nation back!  

This site’s mission is to provide a central repository of information, guidance, direction, and progress which Patriots can use to focus our efforts to achieve our America First agenda. We welcome input and collaboration with local Patriot organizations across this nation that are mobilizing to push back the tide of socialism, Marxist critical theory and the agenda of anti-America, Anti-free market, anti-Individualism organizations and parties. By joining forces in unity with other likeminded freedom loving Americans, and by using our focused group efforts as a force multiplier we can start to turn the tides in our favor. This sites concept was developed based on suggestions from Trevor Louden, who was providing suggestions very similar to my own thoughts (Though much more eloquently thought out). In listening to the Podcast linked below, I determined one key element required to increase our success was a lens to help focus our patriotic energy. As such I have started out to design a website to help various, far flung organizations across this nation, of all sizes, to align together into an effective patriotic front. This is a work in progress, and I am thinking through various methods to achieve this goal and am opening to hearing suggestions to make this site a central location toward that end.

Link to the conceptual overview that drives this site (An EpochTv.com subscription is required to view the video. It is  well worth the cost in my opinion)